Traveling With Pets

There are many reasons an owner can decide to bring their dog with them on a trip. But whether it’s for simply having a travel companion, or because they don’t want to worry about their pet alone at home, it’s easy to forget that traveling with a dog in general takes preparation.


First, it is important to understand what kind of transportation will be used. If driving, here are some tips for the dog’s comfortability.


To prevent injury in a number of situations, it is best that the dog remain in the crate during the journey. To create the perfect environment for crate travel, allow the dog to enter the crate on its own and not feel as if they’re being forced. Use a regular tone of voice and assertive body language to keep the dog from being anxious. Also remove anything that could be deemed as harmful, such as hard toys and leashes.


In order to avoid additional distraction, the dog should only be fed during a break in the trip or when the destination has been reached. Feeding a pet in large quantities before the trip can result in motion sickness. Another thing to keep in mind is to not leave the dog in a parked car during a warm day, regardless of window status.


Flying on an airplane with a dog takes just as much examination. Some airplanes require health certificates and other paperwork. Keep in mind as well that the dog will once again be crated. Make sure he/she has access to water, but only enough to prevent dehydration, a full stomach or bladder during the flight is not recommended. Make food choices based on flight time, and whether or not the dog will be in the main cabin.


Finally, it’s time to go over staying at a hotel. Research to make sure the hotel chosen allows pets, one dog friendly example is Best Western. During the stay, the dog should be as active as possible, exercise and walks after long rides will keep them relaxed. In the room, limit barking to a bare minimum, keep a strong demeanor so the dog is never out of control.


Remember that no matter the travel location, as long as you are prepared, taking your pet with you can be ultimately fun and exciting!