Dog Park Etiquette at the Dog Park

Dog parks are meant to be a stress free environment where dogs can play and socialize in a fun, positive way. Unfortunately over time, they have also become a place where dogs that aren’t trained properly or supervised create anxiety for owners and their Cotons alike. Bullying, dog fights, and rough playing, are things you’ll spot at a dog park, among others. And these things are all the result of the same characteristic: The owner is not trained in proper etiquette.


Every single owner has the power to create the playful environment they signed up for when they decided to visit the dog park. But some either don’t prepare for introducing their dog to public, or they simply don’t care enough. There are many ways to enjoy the time spent at the dog park, but make no mistake, it is up to the owner to do so and seldom has anything to do with any other factors. There are a few key points to know here, but there is much information out there, so do your homework and research before taking your Coton to the park.


The first key point is not a secret: Preparation

  • Understand everything that needs to be understood in order to make the choice to advance. First learn about the dog park in question, its location, conditions, and type of Dog Park. Its rules and regulations on dogs and owners should be inquired about before further action is taken.

After that, an examination of the dog themselves needs to be done.

  • When it comes to any Coton, if they are under 3-4 months old, going to the dog park is out of the question.
  • Another deal breaker is if your Coton is not properly vaccinated or if your Coton is in heat.
  • What are your Coton(s) traits and skills because this also plays a large role? A Coton that doesn’t get much exercise will not bode well in environment made for activity.
  • Is your Coton sociable with both the two and four legged park variety?
  • Is your Coton overly aggressive and stealing toys, if so, it is best to stay away. Simply don’t bring your Coton to the park if they haven’t developed proper traits to be familiar with other dogs.

Finally, gather the appropriate supplies needed for the trip.

  • Food, water, emergency supplies, etc.
  • Never rely on the park to supply any necessities.


At the park, it becomes unquestionably essential to get a feel for the surroundings. As a good Coton owner, consider going to the park without your Coton.  Look over the set up. Make sure it is a clean place that you and your Coton will be comfortable. When every aspect has been explored and all is well, your Coton is ready to pay a visit to the park.


Once there, the most important thing an owner can remember is that they are in charge of keeping their Coton happy and safe.  Play time should be a positive experience.  Owners will stay in control and as long as they focus on their Coton and are involved in everything they do, there is less chance of an incident.

Introducing your Coton to other dogs at the park should be handled with caution; the owner must always be alert and available to remove their Coton from any situation that may be trouble or troublemakers. Be sure to establish friendliness before taking your Coton off leash.  Your Coton should never be on a leash (especially the retractable leash) while playing, due to hazardous results that could occur. Follow your Coton around the park, never play exclusive in one spot, and always clean up after him/her.


Mostly, remember that the main goal at the dog park is to have a great time. If there is a sense that your Coton is not blending well or not having fun, then it’s time to leave. Or if you’re not properly watching your Coton and the other dogs as well in the park, then go another time. Your focus at the dog park should be your Coton’s having a pleasant and positive experience. You and only you are responsible to make your Coton feel the environment is safe. It is up to you the Coton owner and other dog owners on how your dogs are affect more and more as it encounters other dogs and people, so do your research!