Anesthesia Free Teeth Cleaning for Dogs

Is AFD Concealing Your Pet’s Pain?

During the course of the last few years, the concept of anesthesia free dentistry (AFD) has gained recognition. A number of pet owners have accepted this as a new way of treating their pet’s teeth. However, this could in fact do more harm than generally realized.


The popularity of AFD is mainly attributed to two things:

  1. The price of the service
  2. And the word of mouth stories of supposed harm in anesthetics.


To the latter, accidents are not completely untrue when dealing with anesthesia. But, when actual cases are thoroughly researched, it is found that the misfortunes are due to unprofessional problems such as the disregard of IV fluids, using out of date protocols, or lack of pre-surgical screenings to identify irregularities of the anesthesia.


As far as pricing is concerned, the main thing on an owner’s mind should be the wellness of their pet. To avoid a veterinary clinic due to cost is never a good idea. Especially when dealing with something that could determine whether or not a pet is in serious pain.

Some pets could get teeth care through AFD their entire life, and if that was to occur there would be no way to tell until it was too late that there are serious gum diseases that can go unnoticed. A pet could be in pain while eating food for months or even years but because he/she didn’t have the proper opportunity to address such issues while cleaning, it may result in the removal of over a dozen teeth.


Professional anesthesia use during a dental visit presents the benefit of examining possibility of tumors, fractured teeth, discolored teeth, sections of tooth re-sorption, or possible gingival hyperplasia. And while AFD has the appearance of a clean treatment, it does not actually do anything to look into periodontal disease.


So before you make a decision in favor of anesthesia free dental care, take a moment to consider the possibility that it could do more harm than good, and that your pet’s livelihood should be based on professionalism alone.